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Practicing my inking and getting more practice for my #diadelosmuertos #catrina My first #inktober post ever. Day 1 of 31.




#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay

This is the Frozen Summer Fun design I made for our trip shirts.  While the event was at Hollywood Studios, I feel the castle is much more iconic and the sisters would certainly stop there to shop before returning to Arendelle, no?  Sven seemed to like our shirts. :)  The event was tremendous fun and the husband and I had a blast.

You can see a super closeup of their faces on my Facebook page which is where takes you to for now until I finish my webpage.



Haru interacting with Kisumi like


more like thisimage



are you kidding me…




Hey, guys! Me again. I’m in dire need of about $60-$100 USD (at the most, $200) to take care of bills and groceries. I have no job at the moment, I’ve been without a cell phone for roughly about 9 months now and MetroPCS has recycled my previous phone number (therefore I can’t even get a job since nobody can really contact me about it), and I have no other ways of helping my father get by for just a few weeks aside from taking any commissions or donations. I would love to help him in any way that I can because sometimes we just can’t make rent or pay bills on time, and we usually can’t keep food in the house for very long since we purchase so little with whatever spare change we can scrap up.

If you can’t donate any money or commission me, please do me a huge favor and REBLOG this post. Anything helps. Seriously.

If you would like to commission me, please send me a note on DeviantArt OR email with the subject “Commission”

Donations via crowd-funded League of Legends pinup art can be made [on this page] or if you would rather directly donate via Paypal, my PP email is also

Thank you for any incoming help I can get. It really means a lot.

Favourite Free! Eternal Summer scans

I haven’t been on IG in days but i have been working on art. Still working on my #vector lines for this monster that will be our t-shirt for the #frozen summer event at #Hollywoodstudios So here’s a #wip of my lines. Almost done, just need #olaf then color time. #anna #elsa #kristoff #disney #disneyparks